Coronavirus update

Given the large impact and continuation of the coronavirus pandemic, we have had to unfortunately decide to cancel this year’s summer school.

We are currently looking into moving the summer school to a winter school later this year and/or an online course. If you leave your email address below we will update you as soon as we have more information!

Summer School: Exploring the Human Connectome

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 13-17 July 2020

We're back!

After three successful editions of the connectomics summer school organized by the Dutch Connectome Lab, we’re pleased to announce the fourth edition of the summer school: Exploring the Human Connectome 2020.


Brain function depends on effective processing and integration of information within a complex network of neural interactions, a network we all became to know (and love) as the connectome. Advances in MR imaging in combination with the application of network science have led to a rapid growth of the field of human connectomics in the last years.

Course registration

Enrollment will open soon and closes on June 1st or once all 40 spots have been filled. Registration fee is €850 (€750 for early bird registration before May 1, 2020) and includes everything to survive the day: lectures, workshops, course materials, coffee, tea, lunch, afternoon snacks and drinks and a couple of fun social activities.

In case there are fewer than 20 participants, we reserve the right to cancel the summer school.


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This summer school will teach the fundamentals of structural and functional connectomics. We will talk about reconstruction and analysis of MRI-derived human connectome maps (day 1), explain (and practice!) the application of basic (day 2) and advanced graph theoretical metrics (day 4 & 5) to brain networks and teach on different strategies to do patient-control statistics on connectome data (day 3). The discussed network analysis methods are applicable to all modalities of networks and will be applied to structural and functional brain networks in the hands-on workshops.

5-day summer school

During the 5-day program, there is ample opportunity to put all new material directly into practice during afternoon workshop sessions. A unique feature of this summer school is that we encourage participants to work on their own MRI connectome data during the summer school.

Summer school organizer: Martijn van den Heuvel, Complex Trait Genetics Lab, The Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands

Organizing institute

The Dutch Connectome Lab of Martijn van den Heuvel is part of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC. The Dutch Connectome Lab has a strong record in the development of automated MRI-based white matter connectome reconstruction methods as well as in novel computational approaches to connectivity analyses in neuroscience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! This is essential to be able to participate in the afternoon workshops.
The analyses we will practice in the afternoon workshops will be performed in Matlab. Therefore we ask you to have Matlab (including the Statistics Toolbox) installed on your laptop before you come to the summer school. A student version of Matlab can be purchased at a discount and downloaded here.
We'll also make use of the Brain Connectivity Toolbox, which is freely available at: www.brain-connectivity-toolbox.net.
Yes, we will provide a certificate of attendance for all participants.
Yes, we can accommodate a maximum of 40 participants.
Sure, if you have your own connectivity matrices, feel free to bring them with you!
During the workshops we will be working in Matlab with connectivity data (either your own processed data or a dataset we provide) that is in Matlab format. We expect you to have worked with Matlab before. No extensive programming experience is needed. If you don't have any Matlab experience, but you are comfortable with programming in other environments you're advised to familiarize yourself with the basics of Matlab before the summer school. Not sure whether your programming experience is sufficient to participate? Send us an email.

If you have any other question feel free to send us an email.